An All Rounded Girl, The Perfect Escort

Anyone who has ever hooked up with an independent escort will tell you that they got attracted to her for different reasons. Some are on the lookout for bust, others drool at the sight of a round, firm behind; others look at the lips, the lovely eyes, and so on so forth. But all in all, truth is that the best independent escort to pick for a GFE is one who is all rounded; this means a lady who is good in almost all faculties and areas. She doesn’t have to be perfect, just average in the areas that matter. So what really distinguishes an all rounded escort, from a plain or ordinary one?
Brains and beauty:an all rounded escort should have a combination of both brains, and beauty. This means that she is easy on the eye, with looks to die for, as well as the intellect to associate and mingle with different kind of clients. Never compromise the latter for the former; it would be very embarrassing to have a pretty or beautiful lady tagging along with you, but who is completely dumb to common, basic facts and knowledge.

Physical fitness:another trait of an all rounded woman is the ability to look fit. She doesn’t have to have that figure 8, hour glass figure; but likewise, she should not be extremely overweight. There’s a different between being big and curvy, and being overweight. A physically fit woman is a turn on; it means that she has invested her time and energy into maintaining a perfect shape.

Great conversationalist:people who are good at expressing themselves tend to be great to be around. This is to say that if your escort is a great listener, and able to express and articulate her thoughts well, chances are that she’s great company. But again, in English there’s an old saying, that Still waters run deep; there are some quiet, non talkative independent escorts who are expert seducers and awesome companions.
When looking for the right escort services try and watch out for these signs in the escort; they’re a crucial ingredient for a memorable meet up.