Thanks For Making Touring Companions Great. Enjoy A Glorious Summer!

Touring Companions is going on break for the month of August, but before we do, we’d like to give a big thanks to our community for making Touring Companions as great as it is today. You are important and have made a huge contribution toward helping Touring Companions become the number one discreet dating site that connects beautiful models to VIP business people and international dignitaries. It’s because of you that our great models get to travel all around the world to have lovely dates with interesting and exciting people, and for that we and they are incredibly grateful. We will continue to provide you with excellent models in many areas of the globe for a long time to come, and you know you can expect quality and safe service from TC.

If you’re sad that we’ve gone away for the month of August, don’t worry! We will be back on September 1st with our beautiful, intelligent and worldly models who are ready to explore a new city or area with you. September 1st or after would be the perfect time to try our service if you’ve never done so before. We’ve got women of all types who are available for travel to almost any corner of the globe. Traveling with someone is much better than traveling alone, and exploring a new city is much more fun with someone local and beautiful who knows all of the perfect spots to enjoy.

We are going on a short summer break, and we hope you’ll enjoy yours, whatever far off place that takes you to. Enjoy your vacation, we’ll enjoy ours, and when we come back, we’ll be back to providing the hottest girls for extra curricular fun on any business trip.

Hobbyist And Model News Now On Touring Companions

Touring Companions is a high quality dating agency which matches up the most gorgeous models with people like you – interesting businessmen and international movers and shakers for dates and meet ups all over the world. We want to provide our clients and models with the best possible experience which is why we have decided to improve our blog. Up until now, we have provided our clients and models with useful information about different locations we offer models in, as well as tips for our clients to make models and companions feel at ease. However, as we want to give our users an even better experience, we’ve decided to make a few additions to our blogs.

First of all, you can now expect to see holiday themed content when all those special times of year roll around. Ideas of things to do with a companion around holidays like Christmas, Memorial Day and others will be helpful for our users who want to spend a special occasion with someone great in a far flung corner of the planet. It’s much better than spending it all alone! In addition we’re going to be posting tips and tricks not only for our valued clients, but also for models and companions to improve the dating situation on both sides of the equation.

As you can see, Touring Companions is making a lot of exciting changes and plans to provide our companions and clients with even more valuable information that will improve the companion dating experience overall. We’re doing this because we cherish both our companions and our clients, and want to give the best experience possible to both. When everyone is happy, we’re happy. This just shows that we’re here to foster genuine connections between sexy models and world class jet setters like you.

Touring Companions Upgrades VIP Access!

If you’re a VIP with Touring Companions, you may have noticed that things have been a little confusing. We’re changing all of that because we value our VIPs and want to give them the best experience possible. First of all, we’re introducing an all new simple thumbs up/thumbs down system. This system can be used by clients to rate models and by models to rate clients. Clients can also use this to rate agencies. It’s a win-win situation because making a rating will be easier than ever. This will also help to keep both clients and companions on their best behavior because while a thumbs up will boost your overall ratings, a thumbs down will make you slide back down. Clients will also be able to write a bit about their experience with a companion, should they desire to provide any more details.

We are also adjusting our tiered membership options. Our silver membership option is completely free and you get it just by registering with us on Touring Companions. You get to see some non-nude photos of the models, and can book appointments with the smoldering companion of your choice. Once you get a thumbs up rating from a Touring Companions model then you will get upgraded to our gold membership for free. As a gold member, you will be able to see full photo sets with nudity, have priority in booking with a model, and you’ll be able to post and read feedback about other models. After you get 10 thumbs ups, you will become a VIP member, which is essentially the same as a gold member except you can get some great discounts on dates and will have the top priority in booking models.

As you can see, we’re committed to giving our clients the best possible experience so they can just kick back and relax when it comes time to go on a date!

Tips To Make An Independent Escort Like You On The First Date

Contrary to what most men assume, the issue of having a great, memorable time with an independent escort is a two way traffic. It’s about picking the right lady, in terms of looks, figure, personality; but it’s also about you, the way you treat her, and whether you are able to create the best environment for your moments. The fact that you’re paying for escort services doesn’t really mean that you can afford to be rude, arrogant, or plainly demanding. Rather, you have to act and be the gentleman that she can feel comfortable and proud around, someone that she yearns and thirsts to please. Below are tips that should always be on your fingertips if you wish to impress your GFE escort;

Remember she’s a woman first: the first thing you need to understand when meeting your independent escort is the fact that, beneath the pretty, confident lady you are meeting, is a woman with emotional needs. She may not say it to you, but she craves your attention, she feels good when you compliment her looks, hair, figure, etc.

Respect her: again, an escort will be more into you if she discerns that you respect her and her job, that you’re polite and courteous towards her. No one ever brought out the best in a woman by use of force; treat her well, and she’ll give herself to you wholeheartedly.

Be naughty: generally, women and girls love naughty, dirty talking men; not overly vulgar but just naughty enough to make her mind imagine stuff. Be creative, without being offensive.
If you posses these 3 traits, then you can be sure that any independent escort you meet, whether ordinary or VIP, will always find you irresistible and great being around.

How Can You Gauge An independent Escort’s Ability To Offer You Mind Blowing Moments?

Everyone who picks an escort does so in the hope that they will have great, wonderful moments together. Sometimes, you want a pretty independent escort to spend quality moments with, other times you just want a homely lady to spend the entire weekend with just cuddling, and so on so forth. However, looks can be deceiving and as such, it makes sense to look at the overall package, rather than just dwell on the physical. If you’d be lucky to land yourself an all rounded escort, now that would be the real deal! Because once you’ve intimate desires and fantasies, you still want a lady who you feel nice being around, right?

Check out these quick tell tale signs of whether an independent escort is worth your money, or not;

i) Physical fitness: first and foremost, the physical fitness of an independent escort speaks volumes about her personality. Ladies who have slender, toned bodies, with chiseled shoulders and taut stomachs tend to be more confident. They also tend to be more disciplined, and work often in the gym.

ii) Personality: nothing is as irresistible as a woman who smiles often. If an escort is moody, dull, doesn’t smile or speak much, you could be destined for awkward moments ahead. But a lady who smiles often, regardless of whether she’s super beautiful or not, is always a better bet in terms of giving you a perfect GFE. Such a lady is open minded, listening, and will be willing to go to any lengths just to satisfy you.

iii) Intelligence: again, an intelligent woman is always a desirable woman. You want a lady who can sustain an intelligent discussion, a lady you can introduce in a corporate party without any qualms about her embarrassing you. Most independent escorts nowadays in the leading agencies are University students or graduates, as most agencies have realized that clients are looking for an all rounded damsel to hang out with.

An All Rounded Girl, The Perfect Escort

Anyone who has ever hooked up with an independent escort will tell you that they got attracted to her for different reasons. Some are on the lookout for bust, others drool at the sight of a round, firm behind; others look at the lips, the lovely eyes, and so on so forth. But all in all, truth is that the best independent escort to pick for a GFE is one who is all rounded; this means a lady who is good in almost all faculties and areas. She doesn’t have to be perfect, just average in the areas that matter. So what really distinguishes an all rounded escort, from a plain or ordinary one?
Brains and beauty:an all rounded escort should have a combination of both brains, and beauty. This means that she is easy on the eye, with looks to die for, as well as the intellect to associate and mingle with different kind of clients. Never compromise the latter for the former; it would be very embarrassing to have a pretty or beautiful lady tagging along with you, but who is completely dumb to common, basic facts and knowledge.

Physical fitness:another trait of an all rounded woman is the ability to look fit. She doesn’t have to have that figure 8, hour glass figure; but likewise, she should not be extremely overweight. There’s a different between being big and curvy, and being overweight. A physically fit woman is a turn on; it means that she has invested her time and energy into maintaining a perfect shape.

Great conversationalist:people who are good at expressing themselves tend to be great to be around. This is to say that if your escort is a great listener, and able to express and articulate her thoughts well, chances are that she’s great company. But again, in English there’s an old saying, that Still waters run deep; there are some quiet, non talkative independent escorts who are expert seducers and awesome companions.
When looking for the right escort services try and watch out for these signs in the escort; they’re a crucial ingredient for a memorable meet up.

Tips To Make An Independent Escort Feel At Ease Around You

Every time you find yourself with an independent escort, always remember that it is a chance for you to have fun, but also to improve on your conversational and socializing skills, and ultimately become a better man. As such, always purpose to be a great listener, a caring and kind guy, and so on so forth. In any case, if you want the best GFE with any escort, then you’ll have to treat her well, with respect, and help bring the best in her. Sadly, some men are bullies and once they have spent time with an escort, she’ll never want to meet him again! Check these crucial tips on areas you can improve on to guarantee you of the best escort services

So the next time you find yourself with a pretty escort, try out the below tips:

Courtesy: let’s imagine you’re meeting an independent escort for the first time in a restaurant. In such a scenario, it’s best to be courteous, smile, rise up to shake her hand and welcome her to your table; such subtle signs go a long way in impressing just any woman. If you were smoking a cigarette, put it away as you welcome your escort, unless you’re very sure she doesn’t mind smoking

Compliments: once your escort has settled down order a meal or drink for yourselves. Before you go direct to adult issues, take a moment to try to know her, listen and encourage her to speak more; an escort is bound to give you a perfect GFE if you can make her feel comfortable around you, and good about herself. Compliment her looks, dressing, etc.

Bemature:some questions or topics are just improper and unhelpful when with an escort. Avoid being too inquisitive about her life or past unless she offers to speak about such. Questions like how many men she has gone out with, or why she’s unmarred; such questions will only putt of your escort. Rather, look at her as a professional offering escort services, and respect her for that!

Madison Wisconsin Touring Companion Escorts

Named for the fourth President of the United States James Madison, Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and is located halfway between Milwaukee in the east and Prairie du Chien in the west, and between the highly populated mining regions and Green Bay, which is Wisconsin’s oldest city. Always ranking high on “best places to live” lists, Madison boasts low unemployment and strong sense of community.

If you’re looking for a place to spend time with your GFE Escort Madison, try the main downtown thoroughfare of State Street, which is home to a number of trendy restaurants and shops and connects the campus of the University of Wisconsin with Capitol Square. On Saturdays during the summer, you can find the Dane County Farmers Market in Capitol Square, which the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the country, and on Wednesday nights, the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra performs free concerts on the lawn.

Of the many other attractions and events in Madison are the beer festival, held on the second Saturday of every month, and massive fireworks celebrations throughout the summer, when you can also sail on local lakes, go biking or hiking. Many major streets in Madison have designated bike lanes and the city has one of the most extensive bike trail systems in the nation.

During the winter months, you and your GFE Escort Madison can enjoy ice-boating, ice skating, ice hockey, ice fishing, cross-country skiing or even snow-kiting. All of these events would be better spent with an Independent Escort Madison, so allow Touring Companions to be your Escort Service Madison and find the right girl to enjoy this fine city with.

Why Touring Companions ?

There is a reason why Touring Companions is considered the connoisseur of companionship. However, mesmerizing, true beauty delves deeper than the physical. An indelible experience, one that leaves you walking on cloud nine for weeks after, is one that far surpasses the visual sense. Charisma, style, class, major sex appeal and genuine desire for pleasure describe the ladies who shape and mold the reputation that is Touring Companions.

In an industry saturated with beauties who all claim to represent the perfect girlfriend experience, it is challenging to find even a few ladies perfectly suited for your needs and desires. But then there is Touring Companions. A gentleman could really put a dent in his wallet wining and dining who he believes to be his perfect muse when searching for the ideal romantic experience. While there are certainly breathtaking beings that do live up to their reputations, Touring Companions prides itself on all of its models who consistently provide top shelf dating that defies the odds.

Where can you find Touring Companions?
We are everywhere all at once! We used to frequent some of the major adult advertising venues such as Eros, but analytics told us that most of our gentlemen friends found our companionship services elsewhere. Now, we pour our advertising efforts into other well known resources that statistically have proven to be more beneficial.

Only red carpet standards for our clients

When was the last time you went on a date with a lady who was the bomb in every conceivable capacity? Beyond being drop dead gorgeous, she was intelligent and a fabulous conversationalist, witty, humble, erotic and resounded with culture. Have no idea who we’re talking about? Perhaps it is because you haven’t dated one of our Touring Companions. Well, my friend, it is time to raise your standards!

We’ve been around the block a few times
Safety and discretion play a huge role when booking your date with Touring Companions. We’ve got you covered with state-of-the-art security that ensures your anonymity once the screening process has been completed. Our clients are busy professionals with esteemed careers, independent entrepreneurs, families and social agendas that all remain vaulted from the exclusive private time that they enjoy through Touring Companions. You’ve earned your keep. Who says a man can’t have a little fun every now and then?

Beluga caviar, Dom Pérignon, AP lingerie
Oh. You were expecting something less? Think in terms of the best of the best because our ladies wrote the book on eroticism. The only downfall of dating a Touring Companion is that providing total erotic bliss is a tough act to follow. Your dating standards are bound to increase without even trying.

Look for us on some of the major boards, forums and dating platforms including The Erotic Review. Be ready for the time of your life with a near-perfect companion who is bound to change the way you think about sensual dating.

Touring Companions Welcomes 2015!

TC is laying the groundwork as a precedent among exclusive dating services and the like

When sexy, classy, charismatic, skilled and intelligent get together, you have yourself a dynamic package of a woman who is bound to capture the body, mind and soul of any gentleman. Couple that with her zeal and enthusiasm toward her profession and genuine interest in her liaisons and you have a lady who will set your world on fire! Known as a private society of VIP international models, Touring Companions does not consider disappointment as an option for its clients.

There are gentlemen who [think they] are happy with what we consider to be mediocre dating

Not us! Overthe years, Touring Companions (TC for short) discovered a demand for professional, adult entertainment that shatters the stereotypical ‘ten-point’ system known commonly to reviews among popular adult forums. We discovered a class of gentlemen who seek a complete package that leaves the ten-point rating in the dust; that goes beyond physical indulgence and stunning good looks by coming as close to feminine perfection as humanly possible.

With a commitment to raising the bar of adult entertainment, Touring Companions was founded

It is our mission to deliver the platinum standard of adult dating.With a successful track record of more than fifteen years, Touring Companions has sought the world over for feminine excellencefrom a variety of diverse cultures. Because our team spans several countries, TC is firmly positioned to attract an wonderfully eclectic mix of professional models from countries such as the United States, UAE, Germany, France, Australia and Canada to name a few.

We discovered a need for traveling businessmen, international jet setters and dignitaries who wanted access to superior dating at their fingertips

These gentlemen do not have the time to comb through website after website in search of companionship that rises to their level of feminine exquisiteness. Beyond flawless beauty inside and out, discretion of a lady and all manners of impeccablesocial conduct play asignificant role to these gentlemen when entrusting TC with their patronage.

Our standards are reciprocal

Shady practice abounds in the adult playground. Not so at Touring Companions. While our ladies come from all corners of the world, our standards do not. A blend of trust, reliance and prudence combine to form the cornerstone of our ethics. We expect the same from our clients and members.

There is a fine line between fantasy and reality

There is no reason why your fantasy cannot come true at Touring Companions. Whether your persuasion is American, Latin, European, ebony or Asian, we’ve got you covered. When your focus is on high quality dating, Touring Companions will not let you down.