Come to Washington DC to Meet a Companion

Washington DC is a wonderful place to go. There is so much history and action there involving politics. It is the seat of America where all the legislation takes place, and it is a very exciting and interesting place to visit. Experiencing DC with a companion is always a good idea, because an escort will provide you with a partner-in-crime to run about town!

The most obvious things to do in DC include visiting all of the amazing historic and governmental sites. With a smart and beautiful companion, the Lincoln Memorial, National Mall and White House will seem a whole lot more interesting and engaging! If you’re feeling nostalgic you can also visit many important war memorials. You can also travel to one of the many Smithsonian museums with an escort service Washington and learn about a wide variety of topics from Natural History to Native American culture to Air and Space. There are other types of museums like the International Spy Museum which is all about espionage, or Newseum, a museum all about the news industry.

However, DC isn’t just about business, it’s also about pleasure. There is a big burlesque scene in the area, so you can go with your date to see beautiful girls twirl their tassels and take off their skirts as they shake their booties. Burlesque shows also have comedy and musicians, making them well rounded low brow entertainment that makes for a fun escape.

There are many swanky lounges, clubs and restaurants where you can rub shoulders with the elite diplomats and politicians of the DC metro area, and if you feel so inclined, you can take your date to one of these places and feel like a VIP with the most beautiful girl in the room. One especially interesting lounge is called Co Co Sala, a club that has chocolate on order as well as the usual club fare.

If you find yourself in DC for business, why not turn it into a trip that is also filled with pleasure by going out with an amazing and lovely escort?