How Can You Gauge An independent Escort’s Ability To Offer You Mind Blowing Moments?

Everyone who picks an escort does so in the hope that they will have great, wonderful moments together. Sometimes, you want a pretty independent escort to spend quality moments with, other times you just want a homely lady to spend the entire weekend with just cuddling, and so on so forth. However, looks can be deceiving and as such, it makes sense to look at the overall package, rather than just dwell on the physical. If you’d be lucky to land yourself an all rounded escort, now that would be the real deal! Because once you’ve intimate desires and fantasies, you still want a lady who you feel nice being around, right?

Check out these quick tell tale signs of whether an independent escort is worth your money, or not;

i) Physical fitness: first and foremost, the physical fitness of an independent escort speaks volumes about her personality. Ladies who have slender, toned bodies, with chiseled shoulders and taut stomachs tend to be more confident. They also tend to be more disciplined, and work often in the gym.

ii) Personality: nothing is as irresistible as a woman who smiles often. If an escort is moody, dull, doesn’t smile or speak much, you could be destined for awkward moments ahead. But a lady who smiles often, regardless of whether she’s super beautiful or not, is always a better bet in terms of giving you a perfect GFE. Such a lady is open minded, listening, and will be willing to go to any lengths just to satisfy you.

iii) Intelligence: again, an intelligent woman is always a desirable woman. You want a lady who can sustain an intelligent discussion, a lady you can introduce in a corporate party without any qualms about her embarrassing you. Most independent escorts nowadays in the leading agencies are University students or graduates, as most agencies have realized that clients are looking for an all rounded damsel to hang out with.