"How to Cure Your IRS Woes

If the IRS is nipping at your heels, it may be time to take a much needed break. By that I do not mean coffee. Tax Day cometh only to shoot a hole in your pocketbook, not in your person. Take heed for you are about to rejuvenate with our lovely companions!

It’s difficult pulling out the checkbook to write out a fat one to Uncle Sam. You’ve worked your derriere off all year only to grudgingly give back your heard earned income to the House on Capitol Hill. But gents? Be sure to set aside a couple of bucks (especially if you are blessed with a refund!) to wine and dine one of our Tour Companion beauties because you’re going to need some TLC after April 15th. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Don’t believe me? Just read our reviews…

The realm of pleasure is far reaching especially when it comes to the girlfriend experience. Intimacy involves feeling a sense of closeness with a special person especially when the chemistry is just right. There is nothing more gratifying than being in the company of an exquisite lady who is compassionate about your feelings and amorous toward your needs. Stress and anxiety seem to melt away as though they never were.

Tax Day comes but once a year though we all spend months preparing for it. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to take your W-2 to H&R Block in exchange for a simple 1040, you’ve probably got mounds and mounds of financials to wade through as this truly is Christmas time for all CPAs. It is a known fact that American men get heart attacks from stress even as early as in their thirties. If your anxiety is high (guys, you know who you are) this and outstanding taxes pose a lethal combination. If you are one of the chosen few nestled away in a satisfying relationship, we question why you are here (unless, you are a naughty boy looking to misbehave – read on).

Sure, exercise is good for the heart along with regular doses of Vitamin E to keep the ticker going strong. A dirty martini dry during happy hour certainly helps. You’ll feast your eyes on an attractive woman who is probably bearing baggage of some sort that will reveal itself on your first date- if you are lucky. But this is a dicey proposition which brings me to my conclusion that conventional dating is risky for the

following reasons:

1.You cannot screen a conventional date leaving you at risk for disaster
2.She’s covering up her flaws in those tight pants, you can be sure
3.She won’t show you pictures of herself in smoking hot lingerie so that you can decide if you still want to drop a buck fifty on dinner – or $6.50 on another cocktail
4.Desert is never free – comes after a couple of expensive dinners…maybe
5.For sure she’s into her own pleasure (Lord knows what) but what about yours?
6.How will you know if strings are attached?
7.What does she look like in the morning should you meet for breakfast?
8.Does she remind you of the movie Fatal Attraction?

No, we are not sexist here at Touring Companions
For conventional dating is a two-way street. As a dignified gentleman, your best bet is to cut yourself some much needed slack. Couple that dry martini with a sensual date that is drop dead gorgeous and practically comes with a time-quality guarantee. Here’s the clincher: if you’re in bed with your CPA, perhaps he can figure out a way to write off this essential business engagement.

Can you think of a better way to ring in the new fiscal year?

"Cost Benefit of Escort Dating

Perhaps conventional dating is dead because the risk factor of a romantic night on the town outweighs the benefits. Total satisfaction is slim even after coming out of pocket upwards of 300 bucks
And then there are those gents who can’t seem to close the dating deal, going home at the end of the date lonely and unfulfilled. But even the closers get frustrated. Maybe she was attractive. But as the evening wore on out popped some of her idiosyncrasies, neuroses that reared their ugly little heads and your attraction dulled as your mind wandered. Perhaps the sweetness of her breath as you moved in for that post-dinner snuggle wasn’t so sweet and your attraction turned to repulsion. The only certainties in this scenario are the costs of gasoline, parking, cocktails and dinner. No, dessert is not included because you didn’t get nearly that far.

Can a man and a woman find true companionship through organized dating?
Well my friends, that depends on your agenda and yes, we all have one. For the most part, we at Touring Companions hear it all. Gentlemen looking for a spicy evening of companionship; those longing for a girlfriend experience of pure intimacy; and of course the ones who seek ongoing sugar romance. No matter the case, nothing comes closer to a guaranteed good time than a date with a sensual siren from Touring Companions.

What you need is an intimate companion with sensual aptitude of the highest measure
For starters, what really lies beneath those fabulously tight jeans, curves or rolls? Conventionally speaking, it would be quite nice to view some pictures before asking a lady out on a date. We all know that will never happen which is one solid indicator why so many gentlemen turn to escort dating as a sort of insurance policy that guarantees your delight. Many professional companions reek of sex appeal, their natural talent flaming hot in the boudoir. Team that jeweled gift with a body whose every inch screams of desire and you’ve found yourself a cocktail of a home run.

Having mastered the art of loving is not a prerequisite for conventional dating
But it most certainly is here at Touring Companions. You see, celestially good looks coupled with an affinity for pleasure are only starting points with our companions. Unspeakable secrets abound behind that shimmering smile as she greets you with lust in her voice. Not even two minutes into the evening and already she is baptizing you in affection. Chemistry is off the charts as intuitively she reads your every desire, whim and fancy. The sweetness of her breath is second only to the honey nectar that flows somewhere within her person. Conversation is filled with subliminal implications just as your heavenly muse shows signs of naughtiness and you simply cannot get enough of her. By way of bliss, you two lovebirds have somehow found your way into the boudoir to cap off a climactic evening and the rest is history.

Relaxing into orgasmic sensations concludes the triumphant engagement
Wouldn’t you agree? But the odds are against you in the sullen world of conventional dating. With Touring Companions, our stunning ladies will cause you to witness a prolific rate of return on time invested! Dashing gentleman that you are, becoming a closer in the dating arena is about to speak volumes. That being said, who needs conventional dating when promised romance is but a phone call away?

"Get Your Groove on Halloween

Who said Halloween is not for adults? October 31st is the time to mix it up with your spooky sexy date overflowing with confidence in her wickedly risqué costume. No doubt you will stand out in the crowd as you enter the party with such a frightfully gorgeous bombshell of a courtesan on your arm. She’ll elevate fun to a whole new level with her spicy spin on what it means to play dress up. Harrowingly attractive is her appearance as jaws drop of both men and women alike, Beware the couple who is all the envy as you dance amidst the spirits beneath the moonlight of a spooktacular evening. Meanwhile, cauldrons of knee knocking fantasies shiver in the corners of your imagination as her presence teases you with the possibilities.

What naughty trinkets she has up her sleeve!
Why not usher in the winter season with a fun-filled evening of activities that go bump in the night? Welcoming days that grow shorter and nights that grow colder, All Hallow’s Eve is a monster of an opportunity to candy up your night with an independent escort of raving beauty. Reveling in all of her delicious morsels, perhaps you’ll trick-or-treat right into the boudoir, devilish gentleman that you are. Terrifically naughty is her game though her disposition is candy corn sweet. Your blood brews with desire as her sensuality rattles your bones into the ghostly hours of the night. Crackling with chemistry is your Halloween eve with such a GFE escort as you indulge in all of her sugary treats.

As All Saints Day dawns after an evening of intimate frolic, flickers of passion welcome the morning over coffee and croissants and more. There are mimosas to be sipped amidst a candlelit jacuzzi bubbling with passion and the festivities continue like there’s no tomorrow. When it is finally time to bid farewell to your tempting tryst, a glow of bliss surrounds you from the enchanting spell that this GFE escort so lovingly cast.

Touring Companions is your best friend when it comes to romantic gratification
We’ve got you covered with a harvest of enchanting companions whenever you are hungry for the company of a bewitching muse. Don’t wait until the last minute! Start planning your spellbinding soiree now. Bonfires of passion are sure to roar when the two of you connect on Halloween eve.

"Thanksgiving with a Delicious Escort

Gentlemen, we invite you to come together for a day of decadent feasting, friendship and romance

The extent to which you choose to celebrate is entirely up to you. However, our ideas of appetizers and dessert are probably slightly more appealing. Being that we are now officially immersed in the holiday season, why not put the vibe back in your verve with a scrumptious morsel of a muse? In keeping with our ideas of American tradition, we hold steadfast to the notion that a man is going to feel on top of his game when a stunning, shapely bombshell of an independent escort is by his side nurturing his ego. Who told you that a healthy libido is not good for the soul?

Around this time of year, we like to reflect on how this historic festivity came about

Back in 1620, the first Thanksgiving was actually a period of prayerful fasting. Contrary to popular myth, the 17th century pilgrims did not get their groove on with either feast or frolic much in the way that you are about to do with one of our renaissance-like courtesans. During the next 250 years, the colonists celebrated ‘thanksgiving’ every time they scored a battle (to put it tastefully) against the native American Indians. Heathens that they were, we’re just not into that sort of celebration.

Aaaah. Now we’re talking glutinous feast!

We prefer to toot the horn of President Abraham Lincoln who established a more civilized Thanksgiving as a national holiday during the Civil War. After the victory at Gettysburg, America finally got it right with a wave of patriotism and put a positive spin on this traditional holiday. While still paying our respects to the Native Americans, peace, love and harmony reign here at Touring Companions.

Commemorate your manhood with a succulent escort

So before you break the bread, crack open a brewsky (or pop open a bottle of your favorite vintage wine), ensure a flurry of sensual entertainment with an exotic, irresistible escort to complement the jubilee. Your favorite escort service (uh, that would be us) will linger in the back of your mind as a pleasant reminder every time she puts a smile on your face and you’ll thank us. Never mind that for some, this Thanksgiving holiday may impart a sense of loneliness. That won’t last for long because you are about to connect with a kindred soul of an escort, a lovely companion who puts the girlfriend in GFE. You are going to realize the warm, fuzzy spirit that resounds in the city tugging at your heart and person. In all her shapely splendor, a lovely courtesan of your choice will shroud you in warmth and attentiveness washing you over with the aphrodisiacs of her charms.

Sound too good to be true? Reaping the fruits of your encounter is but a whisper away. Just imagine that this beautifully seductive goddess and holiday companion is already waiting for you…

"L’Chaim to Hanukkah!

On the twenty-fifth day of the Jewish month of Kislev, Chanukkah begins. It is the festival of lights for which we give thanks to all of our patrons and a host of miraculously seductive independent escorts. The ritual of sensuality starts here at Touring Companions as we commemorate the Jewish holiday with pure, unadulterated pleasure, the kind that you all deserve!

Admittedly, we are the base camp of happiness where all gentlemen flock when they want to feel like King of their own universe. And so it is with pure enthusiasm that we spread the good cheer of intimacy as the time draws near to kindle the menorah. And when night falls, why not kick off the celebration with a glittering beauty of a companion in your very own private Chanukkah party? She will bestow personal gifts of stress relief in the most tantalizing of ways, replacing the daily pressures of life with waves of ecstasy not even in your hottest of dreams.

A medley of stunning goddesses eager to become the eye candy on your arm will accompany you through a ritual of evening enjoyment just this side of Heaven. Perhaps a womanly sampling for each day of Chanukkah is in order. That adds up to eight dazzling beauties and a new lease on life for the gentleman with the fortitude to withstand such a plethora of feminine charms.

With the triumph of light over darkness comes a multitude of succulent options. Whether you fancy a blonde, brunette or red headed companion all will reinstate your right to delight. When all of her bedazzling charms are considered – the softness of her scent, the silkiness of her hair, narrowness of her waist and forever length of her legs, how can a man resist?

As your sage of satisfaction, Touring Companions offers up a feast of star studded muses where all you provide are the good manners and perhaps a bottle of your favorite beverage. Throw in a few latkes and you’ll have yourself a Hanukkah celebration to remember.

Shalom, my friends!

"The Sexiest of Christmas Greetings

Long before Christmas came along, ancient Rome celebrated a week long period of merrymaking (more like debauchery) between December 17-25. Law dictated that no one could be punished for damages caused by the revelry. In the 4th century CE, the earliest Christmas holidays were celebrated by every type of indulgence imaginable. While we do not condone such wild behavior, we do believe in living it up just a bit. Aren’t you worth it?

During this Christmas holiday, we are honored to share the festivities with our loyal patrons, clients, hobbyists and models. The middle of winter can get hair-raisingly cold in certain parts of the country, draining your Christmas spirit if you haven’t a warm, sexy elf to snuggle up with. During this time of year when most are thinking about parties and gifts, who’s decking your halls with boughs of pleasure? Perhaps it’s time to gift yourself an angel of seduction, a curvaceous creature of sensual cheer who will make all of your wishes come true!

Though Christmas is a worldwide cultural phenomenon embracing folks from all walks of life, we at Touring Companions get a warm fuzzy simply when our friends and models alike share good times together. It is about the gift of affection bestowed upon a gentleman by his independent escort as the two spend a romantic evening sipping hot cider by the fireside. Her visual appeal is absolutely spectacular regaled in a candy cane-striped mini skirt and red satin halter top that celebrates her cleavage till the reindeer come home. Let earth receive her charms! For you’d never guess that it’s snowing outside by the succulent, honey smoothness of her bare legs going on for days atop gold patent stilettos. The shimmer on her lips tastes like cherries and the satin sheen of her hair beckons your hands. She is an absolute wonderland of pleasure as she lures you under the mistletoe and soon has your sleigh bells ringing!

There are many ways to embrace this holiday season and it needn’t be done alone. The traditional holiday party is taken to a whole new level when your private companion graces you with her lovely presence. She herself becomes your own Secret Santa but there is nothing anonymous about the way she’s presented. Adorned in nothing more than a red satin bow around her shapely ornaments, one tug of a ribbon and her teddy falls to the floor right along with your heart. If we were to peek-a-boo into your Christmas Eve, we’d all be jealous!

A jubilee of prized companions awaits your attention with glittering exuberance to brighten your season with a flurry of ecstasy. Before you get hopeless for the holidays, consider spending an evening of intimacy amidst tinsel and lights with a sugarplum of an escort. You’ll be glad you did!

"Putting the Pop in Your New Year’s Eve!

Throughout antiquity, ringing in the New Year for cultures around the world did not fall at the end of the calendar year as we know it

In fact, Januarius and Februarius (if you were a Roman, that’s what you called them) didn’t exist until the eighth century B.C., according to tradition. Prior to that folks partied in celebration of the New Year around the first new moon after the vernal equinox sometime in March. Eventually, the months got all out of whack with the zodiac and Caligula straightened things out with the Julian calendar which closely resembles the Gregorian one that we use today.

Well folks, leave it up to Caligula (formally known as Julius Caesar) to get the party started

We take our hats off to this rowdy, decadent ruler heralded for his flock of beautiful maidens amidst raucous celebrations. All scruples aside, pretty much anything was fair game in the way of erotic debauchery that would arouse the spirits of any living being with a libido. Yes, Gaius Caesar’s rituals of sensuality reached epic proportion and certainly didn’t stop on the Eve of the New Year.

Though we support a more virtuous lifestyle than that of the brow-raising Roman, we do believe that New Year’s Eve gives rise to a massive celebration of the intimate kind

Whether you are a gentleman who limits the occasion to one evening of mind blowing passion or one who carries on like a stud well into the weekend, we’ve got a star-glittering companion just for you.

Our independent escorts will fuel the fun in your New Year’s Eve with fireworks of crackling chemistry

Toast to the passion as the two of you discover a rapport that only begins with magnetism. Before she blows you away with bliss, why not get the merry-making rolling with a bit of slow dancing to commemorate the year? Perhaps she’ll catwalk right into your arms as the two of you mingle, exploring every nuance of the evening while sparklers of excitement dance the night away. A connection like that of long lost lovers is second only to her incredible good looks that re-define beauty and your ego is renewed.

That your year should go out with such a sensual bang makes us giddy with happiness

It is true that we tend to attract dazzling courtesans fit for a King. Has something to do with our high standards and golden code of ethics. Call it good energy if you must but we hear from our patrons that every encounter with a Touring Companion is a gala affair of unparalleled enjoyment. Why not partake in your own extravaganza and set the pace for 2016? Before the clock strikes twelve you’ll most certainly have come up with a fine set of resolutions inspired by your intimate cohort. We are quite certain that the two of you will re-connect after the New Year to relive those splendiferous memories. Such is our resolution to all friends of Touring Companions!

"Being Respectful Gets You More Out of Every Date

So, you’ve booked some time with a beautiful exclusive touring companion and you’re getting ready to go out on a date with her. You might be feeling nervous as you surely want your first date to go well, but there’s no need for nerves! Going out with a professional companion is one of the easiest and most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have in your entire life, as long as you follow one simple bit of advice. Be respectful.

A GFE (girlfriend experience) romance is thrilling because it shares some similarities with a regular date. Just relax and be yourself. What makes your touring companion escort even more alluring is the fact that she is already excited to share time with you from the very first moment you meet. In other words, all you have to do is avoid taking her out of her comfort zone. Sure, there are playful ways to broaden each other’s horizons during your date, but those are always mutually consensual and aimed at heightening the excitement of the affair.

Treat a touring escort the same way you would treat any other woman on a date. With courtesy, whether that means opening the door for her and pulling out her chair, often it’s the simplest kindnesses that will brighten her smile and excite her to also take extra steps to brighten yours.

When you are respectful to a companion, she will be more comfortable and relaxed with you. After all, she may be just as nervous as you are as she does all she can to make your date pleasurable and memorable. You are booking a beautiful model for her companionship, time and attention – make the most of it and you’ll quickly find that everyone wants to please someone who treats them well.

You won’t need to impress your date, just be sure not to take her for granted. Relax and enjoy your time together. Models, playmates and companions are all attracted to the confidence you have naturally, just be sure that your good nature shines through and show them that you value their world-class skills. If you do it right, you’ll get even more out of every date!

"5 Ways To Become A Professional Companion’s Favorite Client

Does it really matter what your touring companion feels about you? Absolutely! While each of our beautiful models makes every effort to turn any date into a once in a lifetime adventure, it’s obvious that any human will always gravitate toward some people more than others. So, what can you do to become your companion’s favorite client?

There are 5 key ways you can gain even greater affection from your professional companion. When your companions feel completely comfortable with you, they are sure to relax and become even more willing to open up their personality even more for you:

1. Be on Time – Showing up even a few minutes late can put a crick in the day of any escort, because it shows you respect her enough to treat her time with the same value you treat your own. You wouldn’t tolerate it if she was late, and while she will tolerate your lateness, she would rather appreciate you being on time. If you’re going to be more than a few minutes late, call or text your escort to let her know.

2. Proper Etiquette – Don’t talk about money. It breaks the immersive quality of the date and becomes awkward. Just set you envelope somewhere in plain sight and forget all about it.

3. Tipping – Tipping isn’t necessary but it is certainly appreciated. Tipping her lets her know that you liked her and doing it in advance removes any nerves she might have about how things will go. When you tip, a girl she may be more willing to be flexible in the future, regarding timing and will be more likely to remember the things you like to do during any future dates.

4. Be Clean – There is nothing sexier than the clean scent of your favorite soap and shampoo. Arriving at a date right from working out at the gym is no way to get in your date’s good graces. When you show up clean, it shows her right away that you are ready to have a great time.

Becoming a favorite client of your favorite companion is easy. Just follow the five simple steps explained above, and ask if there is anything else that matters to her specifically. You and your escort can share all kinds of intimate moments, and that starts with letter her know what you like and actually listening to her likes as well. Right now you are one call away from the best night of your life!

"Go on a Date in New Orleans

New Orleans is such a lively city with lots to do, making it one of the best places to take a Touring Companions on a nice date that will be full of music, culture and good, down home cooking Read more about IndependentEscort Service Detroit.

Start your special evening with a stroll through The French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. Here you will find historic buildings and charming streets, but also Bourbon Street, the infamous party area of New Orleans, where you and your special date can dance the night away at one of the many fine jazz establishments. You are really assured a good time here, with the first dueling piano bar, and many staples of the New Orleans nightlife scene.

When you grow a bit of hunger, choose from many of the fine food establishments to taste the Creole spices of the area. There are many establishments where you can try local delicacies such as gumbo or crawfish, drenched in the unique tastes that come from the mixing of Native American, Hispanic, French and American cultures. Don’t forget to have beignets, the famous Creole donuts, for dessert.

You can also go to Jackson Square where artists go to display their work, and musicians go to play in the street. If you’re in New Orleans at certain times of year, you and your date will have a blast attending one of the lively parades that even features beads for flashing and lively revelry that will create memories to be remembered for a long time to come.

Of course as it is known as such a party-centric area, there are many adult themed activities as well, should you feel that you want to put a sensual spin on the evening. Take your date to a sexy burlesque show or a peep show that can set the mood for a fun evening. There also places where you can go to eat sushi off of beautiful naked women, and oysters are a great aphrodisiac that are readily available in this seaside city!

New Orleans provides a fun backdrop to take a sensual companion on a date. There is a lot to do, and it is a historic backdrop for jazz and blues music, fun outings and artistic endeavors.