The Sexiest of Christmas Greetings

Long before Christmas came along, ancient Rome celebrated a week long period of merrymaking (more like debauchery) between December 17-25. Law dictated that no one could be punished for damages caused by the revelry. In the 4th century CE, the earliest Christmas holidays were celebrated by every type of indulgence imaginable. While we do not condone such wild behavior, we do believe in living it up just a bit. Aren’t you worth it?

During this Christmas holiday, we are honored to share the festivities with our loyal patrons, clients, hobbyists and models. The middle of winter can get hair-raisingly cold in certain parts of the country, draining your Christmas spirit if you haven’t a warm, sexy elf to snuggle up with. During this time of year when most are thinking about parties and gifts, who’s decking your halls with boughs of pleasure? Perhaps it’s time to gift yourself an angel of seduction, a curvaceous creature of sensual cheer who will make all of your wishes come true!

Though Christmas is a worldwide cultural phenomenon embracing folks from all walks of life, we at Touring Companions get a warm fuzzy simply when our friends and models alike share good times together. It is about the gift of affection bestowed upon a gentleman by his independent escort as the two spend a romantic evening sipping hot cider by the fireside. Her visual appeal is absolutely spectacular regaled in a candy cane-striped mini skirt and red satin halter top that celebrates her cleavage till the reindeer come home. Let earth receive her charms! For you’d never guess that it’s snowing outside by the succulent, honey smoothness of her bare legs going on for days atop gold patent stilettos. The shimmer on her lips tastes like cherries and the satin sheen of her hair beckons your hands. She is an absolute wonderland of pleasure as she lures you under the mistletoe and soon has your sleigh bells ringing!

There are many ways to embrace this holiday season and it needn’t be done alone. The traditional holiday party is taken to a whole new level when your private companion graces you with her lovely presence. She herself becomes your own Secret Santa but there is nothing anonymous about the way she’s presented. Adorned in nothing more than a red satin bow around her shapely ornaments, one tug of a ribbon and her teddy falls to the floor right along with your heart. If we were to peek-a-boo into your Christmas Eve, we’d all be jealous!

A jubilee of prized companions awaits your attention with glittering exuberance to brighten your season with a flurry of ecstasy. Before you get hopeless for the holidays, consider spending an evening of intimacy amidst tinsel and lights with a sugarplum of an escort. You’ll be glad you did!

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