Washington, DC Touring Companion Escorts

Washington, DC, with its wide-open avenues, is a city you can walk while taking in river views and beautiful old neighborhoods. By law, buildings can’t be higher than the width of the street, you can always see the sky, which gives the place a wide open feel as you move between museums and restaurants while perusing the Capitol City’s iconic statues and memorials. To see the most during your stroll with your GFE Escort Washington, DC, head down the bright green grass of the National Mall, with is bookended by the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial.

There’s a lot to see, so you’ll have to prioritize, and Touring Companions Escort Service Washington, DC, can help you find the right partner to make a day taking in the sites more memorable. Visit the National Museum of American History to see everything from Abraham Lincoln’s top hat to the first Nintendo Game Boy. Show your Independent Escort Washington, DC, the the Hope Diamond at the National Museum of Natural History, visit the Giant Pandas at the National Zoo, then have a glass of wine in one of DC’s waterfront parks.

At night, your best choices for a fun or romantic night out are to head to Georgetown, Adams Morgan, or U Street. Have a drink on the waterfront in Georgetown before treating your GFE Escort Washington, DC, to an upscale seafood dinner. Adams Morgan, one of DC’s hippest neighborhoods, is diverse and jam-packed with lively music venues and great eateries with bars and rooftop lounges.
U Street is home to eight full blocks of bars, music venues, restaurants and boutiques in a neighborhood called the Shaw that was once home to Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong were regulars.

You won’t run out of things to do with your Independent Escort Washington, DC, so visit Touring Companions today to peruse the best of Escort Service Washington, DC, has to offer.

Columbus Ohio Touring Companion Escorts

Columbus, the capital of Ohio and its largest city, is full of unique shopping, popular attractions, historic neighborhoods and culinary delights. Visit the number one zoo in America, The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, then shop at the North Market’s galleries and boutiques to peruse the goods in the “Rodeo Drive of the Midwest.” But be sure to make time for the Columbus art scene—Columbus artists are passionate, inspired and always ready to impress you and your GFE Escort Columbus with unexpected treats.

You can find live music any night of the week, as Columbus’ music scene attracts the best of local and national acts to its eclectic selection of venues. Want to wet your whistle after a show? You’ll find local beer and spirits cocktail menus across the city, as Columbus is home to over twenty microbreweries with great tap rooms and unique brews. Most of them are nestled along the downtown corridor, and you can take one of many “beer tour” shuttles for convenience. Impress your Independent Escort Columbus with a night of music, dancing and drinks in Downtown Columbus.

For a more relaxed day, visit The Franklin Park Conservatory and take in their rotating display of hundreds of species, with seasonal displays and special exhibits. Or get dressed up and take your GFE Escort Columbus to a show in the Theater District, where both large and small theaters have everything from ballet and opera to the avant garde. During the summer, the Columbus Symphony brings outdoor concerts to Columbus Commons in downtown, and the Brewery District has a resident theater company that offers regular performances.

Before your show, indulge in an upscale dinner at one of Columbus’ many fine dining establishments specializing in locally sourced small plates or new American cuisine. For something more casual, try one of the many pizzerias or brew pubs in the Brewery District. Wherever you go, you can’t go wrong with the perfect Independent Escort Columbus, so visit the Touring Companions website to find the best Escort Service Columbus has to offer.

Touring Companions Welcomes 2015!

TC is laying the groundwork as a precedent among exclusive dating services and the like

When sexy, classy, charismatic, skilled and intelligent get together, you have yourself a dynamic package of a woman who is bound to capture the body, mind and soul of any gentleman. Couple that with her zeal and enthusiasm toward her profession and genuine interest in her liaisons and you have a lady who will set your world on fire! Known as a private society of VIP international models, Touring Companions does not consider disappointment as an option for its clients.

There are gentlemen who [think they] are happy with what we consider to be mediocre dating

Not us! Overthe years, Touring Companions (TC for short) discovered a demand for professional, adult entertainment that shatters the stereotypical ‘ten-point’ system known commonly to reviews among popular adult forums. We discovered a class of gentlemen who seek a complete package that leaves the ten-point rating in the dust; that goes beyond physical indulgence and stunning good looks by coming as close to feminine perfection as humanly possible.

With a commitment to raising the bar of adult entertainment, Touring Companions was founded

It is our mission to deliver the platinum standard of adult dating.With a successful track record of more than fifteen years, Touring Companions has sought the world over for feminine excellencefrom a variety of diverse cultures. Because our team spans several countries, TC is firmly positioned to attract an wonderfully eclectic mix of professional models from countries such as the United States, UAE, Germany, France, Australia and Canada to name a few.

We discovered a need for traveling businessmen, international jet setters and dignitaries who wanted access to superior dating at their fingertips

These gentlemen do not have the time to comb through website after website in search of companionship that rises to their level of feminine exquisiteness. Beyond flawless beauty inside and out, discretion of a lady and all manners of impeccablesocial conduct play asignificant role to these gentlemen when entrusting TC with their patronage.

Our standards are reciprocal

Shady practice abounds in the adult playground. Not so at Touring Companions. While our ladies come from all corners of the world, our standards do not. A blend of trust, reliance and prudence combine to form the cornerstone of our ethics. We expect the same from our clients and members.

There is a fine line between fantasy and reality

There is no reason why your fantasy cannot come true at Touring Companions. Whether your persuasion is American, Latin, European, ebony or Asian, we’ve got you covered. When your focus is on high quality dating, Touring Companions will not let you down.

How to Cure Your IRS Woes

If the IRS is nipping at your heels, it may be time to take a much needed break. By that I do not mean coffee. Tax Day cometh only to shoot a hole in your pocketbook, not in your person. Take heed for you are about to rejuvenate with our lovely companions!

It’s difficult pulling out the checkbook to write out a fat one to Uncle Sam. You’ve worked your derriere off all year only to grudgingly give back your heard earned income to the House on Capitol Hill. But gents? Be sure to set aside a couple of bucks (especially if you are blessed with a refund!) to wine and dine one of our Tour Companion beauties because you’re going to need some TLC after April 15th. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Don’t believe me? Just read our reviews…

The realm of pleasure is far reaching especially when it comes to the girlfriend experience. Intimacy involves feeling a sense of closeness with a special person especially when the chemistry is just right. There is nothing more gratifying than being in the company of an exquisite lady who is compassionate about your feelings and amorous toward your needs. Stress and anxiety seem to melt away as though they never were.

Tax Day comes but once a year though we all spend months preparing for it. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to take your W-2 to H&R Block in exchange for a simple 1040, you’ve probably got mounds and mounds of financials to wade through as this truly is Christmas time for all CPAs. It is a known fact that American men get heart attacks from stress even as early as in their thirties. If your anxiety is high (guys, you know who you are) this and outstanding taxes pose a lethal combination. If you are one of the chosen few nestled away in a satisfying relationship, we question why you are here (unless, you are a naughty boy looking to misbehave – read on).

Sure, exercise is good for the heart along with regular doses of Vitamin E to keep the ticker going strong. A dirty martini dry during happy hour certainly helps. You’ll feast your eyes on an attractive woman who is probably bearing baggage of some sort that will reveal itself on your first date- if you are lucky. But this is a dicey proposition which brings me to my conclusion that conventional dating is risky for the

following reasons:

1.You cannot screen a conventional date leaving you at risk for disaster
2.She’s covering up her flaws in those tight pants, you can be sure
3.She won’t show you pictures of herself in smoking hot lingerie so that you can decide if you still want to drop a buck fifty on dinner – or $6.50 on another cocktail
4.Desert is never free – comes after a couple of expensive dinners…maybe
5.For sure she’s into her own pleasure (Lord knows what) but what about yours?
6.How will you know if strings are attached?
7.What does she look like in the morning should you meet for breakfast?
8.Does she remind you of the movie Fatal Attraction?

No, we are not sexist here at Touring Companions
For conventional dating is a two-way street. As a dignified gentleman, your best bet is to cut yourself some much needed slack. Couple that dry martini with a sensual date that is drop dead gorgeous and practically comes with a time-quality guarantee. Here’s the clincher: if you’re in bed with your CPA, perhaps he can figure out a way to write off this essential business engagement.

Can you think of a better way to ring in the new fiscal year?

Thanksgiving with a Delicious Escort

Gentlemen, we invite you to come together for a day of decadent feasting, friendship and romance

The extent to which you choose to celebrate is entirely up to you. However, our ideas of appetizers and dessert are probably slightly more appealing. Being that we are now officially immersed in the holiday season, why not put the vibe back in your verve with a scrumptious morsel of a muse? In keeping with our ideas of American tradition, we hold steadfast to the notion that a man is going to feel on top of his game when a stunning, shapely bombshell of an independent escort is by his side nurturing his ego. Who told you that a healthy libido is not good for the soul?

Around this time of year, we like to reflect on how this historic festivity came about

Back in 1620, the first Thanksgiving was actually a period of prayerful fasting. Contrary to popular myth, the 17th century pilgrims did not get their groove on with either feast or frolic much in the way that you are about to do with one of our renaissance-like courtesans. During the next 250 years, the colonists celebrated ‘thanksgiving’ every time they scored a battle (to put it tastefully) against the native American Indians. Heathens that they were, we’re just not into that sort of celebration.

Aaaah. Now we’re talking glutinous feast!

We prefer to toot the horn of President Abraham Lincoln who established a more civilized Thanksgiving as a national holiday during the Civil War. After the victory at Gettysburg, America finally got it right with a wave of patriotism and put a positive spin on this traditional holiday. While still paying our respects to the Native Americans, peace, love and harmony reign here at Touring Companions.

Commemorate your manhood with a succulent escort

So before you break the bread, crack open a brewsky (or pop open a bottle of your favorite vintage wine), ensure a flurry of sensual entertainment with an exotic, irresistible escort to complement the jubilee. Your favorite escort service (uh, that would be us) will linger in the back of your mind as a pleasant reminder every time she puts a smile on your face and you’ll thank us. Never mind that for some, this Thanksgiving holiday may impart a sense of loneliness. That won’t last for long because you are about to connect with a kindred soul of an escort, a lovely companion who puts the girlfriend in GFE. You are going to realize the warm, fuzzy spirit that resounds in the city tugging at your heart and person. In all her shapely splendor, a lovely courtesan of your choice will shroud you in warmth and attentiveness washing you over with the aphrodisiacs of her charms.

Sound too good to be true? Reaping the fruits of your encounter is but a whisper away. Just imagine that this beautifully seductive goddess and holiday companion is already waiting for you…

5 Ways To Become A Professional Companion’s Favorite Client

Does it really matter what your touring companion feels about you? Absolutely! While each of our beautiful models makes every effort to turn any date into a once in a lifetime adventure, it’s obvious that any human will always gravitate toward some people more than others. So, what can you do to become your companion’s favorite client?

There are 5 key ways you can gain even greater affection from your professional companion. When your companions feel completely comfortable with you, they are sure to relax and become even more willing to open up their personality even more for you:

1. Be on Time – Showing up even a few minutes late can put a crick in the day of any escort, because it shows you respect her enough to treat her time with the same value you treat your own. You wouldn’t tolerate it if she was late, and while she will tolerate your lateness, she would rather appreciate you being on time. If you’re going to be more than a few minutes late, call or text your escort to let her know.

2. Proper Etiquette – Don’t talk about money. It breaks the immersive quality of the date and becomes awkward. Just set you envelope somewhere in plain sight and forget all about it.

3. Tipping – Tipping isn’t necessary but it is certainly appreciated. Tipping her lets her know that you liked her and doing it in advance removes any nerves she might have about how things will go. When you tip, a girl she may be more willing to be flexible in the future, regarding timing and will be more likely to remember the things you like to do during any future dates.

4. Be Clean – There is nothing sexier than the clean scent of your favorite soap and shampoo. Arriving at a date right from working out at the gym is no way to get in your date’s good graces. When you show up clean, it shows her right away that you are ready to have a great time.

Becoming a favorite client of your favorite companion is easy. Just follow the five simple steps explained above, and ask if there is anything else that matters to her specifically. You and your escort can share all kinds of intimate moments, and that starts with letter her know what you like and actually listening to her likes as well. Right now you are one call away from the best night of your life!

Go on a Date in New Orleans

New Orleans is such a lively city with lots to do, making it one of the best places to take a Touring Companions on a nice date that will be full of music, culture and good, down home cooking Read more about IndependentEscort Service Detroit.

Start your special evening with a stroll through The French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. Here you will find historic buildings and charming streets, but also Bourbon Street, the infamous party area of New Orleans, where you and your special date can dance the night away at one of the many fine jazz establishments. You are really assured a good time here, with the first dueling piano bar, and many staples of the New Orleans nightlife scene.

When you grow a bit of hunger, choose from many of the fine food establishments to taste the Creole spices of the area. There are many establishments where you can try local delicacies such as gumbo or crawfish, drenched in the unique tastes that come from the mixing of Native American, Hispanic, French and American cultures. Don’t forget to have beignets, the famous Creole donuts, for dessert.

You can also go to Jackson Square where artists go to display their work, and musicians go to play in the street. If you’re in New Orleans at certain times of year, you and your date will have a blast attending one of the lively parades that even features beads for flashing and lively revelry that will create memories to be remembered for a long time to come.

Of course as it is known as such a party-centric area, there are many adult themed activities as well, should you feel that you want to put a sensual spin on the evening. Take your date to a sexy burlesque show or a peep show that can set the mood for a fun evening. There also places where you can go to eat sushi off of beautiful naked women, and oysters are a great aphrodisiac that are readily available in this seaside city!

New Orleans provides a fun backdrop to take a sensual companion on a date. There is a lot to do, and it is a historic backdrop for jazz and blues music, fun outings and artistic endeavors.

Philadelphia is a Great Place for Dates

Philadelphia is sometimes known as the City of Brotherly Love but it can also be the city of lust and exciting evenings out with a companion. If you find yourself in town, don’t hesitate to ask your companion of choice on a date. They will be able to show you around this unique city and help you enjoy your time here even more about Escort Service St. Louis .

There are plentiful date ideas for you and your companion. Fine dining is one option that is always a good idea. Whether you seek Asian inspired cuisine, Mediterranean, Latin or something else, Philly is a great place for food. If you want to go for a less highbrow option, a Philly Cheesesteak joint can be fun for something a little different, and it will give you the chance to taste the city’s namesake cuisine.

Philly is a city with variable weather so it is a great place to cozy up with someone on a cold winter’s day, but it is also a nice city to let it all hang out when it is hot and humid in the summer. There are plenty of naughty things happening no matter what time of year it is. Kink Shoppe in Philadelphia’s Old Town area is an upscale adult toy store that can give you and your date fun ideas for what to do should things take an intimate turn in your time together.

You can also take a class at Philadelphia’s Sexploratorium, an XXX school which offers classes in kinky things like rope bondage and sexual hypnotism. A scintillating class could be a fun icebreaker for you and your companion before going out to a nice dinner! They also have monthly munches and get-togethers for kinky people, so if you’re curious about the darker side of sex, it’s a good idea to attend one of those events with a similarly open minded companion to learn more about BDSM.

Whatever brings you to Philly, exploring it with a companion can make your experience even better. There are many reasons to date a companion while you’re in Philly, because there are just so many fun and interesting things to do that would be enhanced by doing it with a partner.

Come to Washington DC to Meet a Companion

Washington DC is a wonderful place to go. There is so much history and action there involving politics. It is the seat of America where all the legislation takes place, and it is a very exciting and interesting place to visit. Experiencing DC with a companion is always a good idea, because an escort will provide you with a partner-in-crime to run about town!

The most obvious things to do in DC include visiting all of the amazing historic and governmental sites. With a smart and beautiful companion, the Lincoln Memorial, National Mall and White House will seem a whole lot more interesting and engaging! If you’re feeling nostalgic you can also visit many important war memorials. You can also travel to one of the many Smithsonian museums with an escort service Washington and learn about a wide variety of topics from Natural History to Native American culture to Air and Space. There are other types of museums like the International Spy Museum which is all about espionage, or Newseum, a museum all about the news industry.

However, DC isn’t just about business, it’s also about pleasure. There is a big burlesque scene in the area, so you can go with your date to see beautiful girls twirl their tassels and take off their skirts as they shake their booties. Burlesque shows also have comedy and musicians, making them well rounded low brow entertainment that makes for a fun escape.

There are many swanky lounges, clubs and restaurants where you can rub shoulders with the elite diplomats and politicians of the DC metro area, and if you feel so inclined, you can take your date to one of these places and feel like a VIP with the most beautiful girl in the room. One especially interesting lounge is called Co Co Sala, a club that has chocolate on order as well as the usual club fare.

If you find yourself in DC for business, why not turn it into a trip that is also filled with pleasure by going out with an amazing and lovely escort?

Try Chicago for a Touring Companion

Chicago, Illinois is often known as the windy city, but if you find yourself here, you probably won’t get blown away by the wind, but you may be blown away by an amazing time with a beautiful companion who can make your trip even better. Once it was also known as “second city” because some considered it second in rank to New York City, but now people recognize that Chicago has it’s own special charm that makes it worth a visit.

Take your date on a trip to Wrigley field, where you can watch the Chicago Cubs play a game of ball against an opponent. It’s a quintessential Chicago experience! If you prefer more highbrow events, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is the perfect venue to enjoy an evening out with a classy woman who enjoys classical music.

While there are a few strip clubs in the city, why not take your companion date to a fun vaudeville style show that combines the art of teasing with comedy and sexiness? That could set the stage for a fun evening that ends in pleasure.

A company called Weird IndependentEscort Service Chicago offers interesting and unique tours of the city which are even better with a date. The tours range in topics from ghosts and ghouls to gangsters. They have a tour of the old Speakeasies from the prohibition era, and even a more sexy tour where you can visit the former “red light” areas of the town that are now just regular businesses. What better way to learn about Chicago than a tour with a special date.

If you’re a late night kind of person, Chicago is a city that is known for having businesses that are open late. There is a renowned 24-hour diner that will set your taste buds afloat with some amazing pancakes called Elly’s Pancake House. It’s those special things like 4am breakfast that is best enjoyed in the company of a companion.

Even if you want to do the typical Chicago tourist things – like visiting the Sears Tower and other city landmarks, doing so with a companion is a great idea because sharing those joyous experiences makes them even more special.