Tips To Make An Independent Escort Like You On The First Date

Contrary to what most men assume, the issue of having a great, memorable time with an independent escort is a two way traffic. It’s about picking the right lady, in terms of looks, figure, personality; but it’s also about you, the way you treat her, and whether you are able to create the best environment for your moments. The fact that you’re paying for escort services doesn’t really mean that you can afford to be rude, arrogant, or plainly demanding. Rather, you have to act and be the gentleman that she can feel comfortable and proud around, someone that she yearns and thirsts to please. Below are tips that should always be on your fingertips if you wish to impress your GFE escort;

Remember she’s a woman first: the first thing you need to understand when meeting your independent escort is the fact that, beneath the pretty, confident lady you are meeting, is a woman with emotional needs. She may not say it to you, but she craves your attention, she feels good when you compliment her looks, hair, figure, etc.

Respect her: again, an escort will be more into you if she discerns that you respect her and her job, that you’re polite and courteous towards her. No one ever brought out the best in a woman by use of force; treat her well, and she’ll give herself to you wholeheartedly.

Be naughty: generally, women and girls love naughty, dirty talking men; not overly vulgar but just naughty enough to make her mind imagine stuff. Be creative, without being offensive.
If you posses these 3 traits, then you can be sure that any independent escort you meet, whether ordinary or VIP, will always find you irresistible and great being around.